Anticipating Winter

What's New? Daylight Saving Time ends today, and the season changes.

Mornings will seem earlier than usual for a few days, but it is the early evenings that cause an unusual problem. Pedestrian fatalities from car accidents, which decline during daylight saving time, rise 186 percent right after the time change.

Time Off

I took some time off blogging and computers last month, trying to write my autobiography. I read alot, and wrote a little. I also stopped shaving, and gained 40 pounds from eating ice cream and cookies while I read.

Larry took a sideways photo of me a few days ago, which should be on my refrigerator door, but it still in my camera. Maxine called tonight, and told me how she was losing weight, which encouraged me to do a few extra situps. I also shaved.

Back To The List

  1. New York Giants
  2. Hans Reiser
  3. Blogging Software
  4. Autobiographical Writing
  5. Vice Presidents
  6. Discovery Channel
  7. Joe Girardi

It is about time that I finished the list I introduced two months ago in Anticipating Autumn. What was News in September, will now be categorized as Musings. Finally, I started at the bottom, but I will resume at the top with New York Giants, so stay tuned.


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