Maxine’s Coming Home!

Maxine Sept 2007 My daughter Maxine is coming home!

Maxine who has been living in Florida for the past two years, has decided that she wants to live near me, and her sister Audrey, in Lexington, Kentucky.

“I Miss My Family”

Although we communicate regularly, by email and telephone, Maxine said that she misses her family, and also wants to go to college. Maxine and Audrey will both attend Bluegrass Community & Technical College in September. “I’m really nervous about starting college, but it is time for me to start thinking about life after modeling,” said Maxine.

See More Photos of Maxine

Maxine has a small collection of personal photos available, this is my favorite.

If you are interested in hiring Maxine, or would just like to see what she looks like on the job, visit her at Promo Models.

Maxine, who is a self–described “MySpace addict” can be found there as Maxine Amelia.

I am looking forward to seeing Maxine soon!