My Favorite Idiots

Jackass Warning Writing about idiots, has made me nostalgic for my favorite idiots.

One of my all–time favorite shows, was Jackass, which aired from 2000–2002 on MTV. Jackass had no plot. It was just a bunch of guys, acting like idiots.

My favorite performers, were Johnny Knoxville, and Steve-O, who often injured themselves, performing stunts.

For two examples, watch Johnny Knoxville wear a beekini, and staple paper signs on Steve-O’s body. One of the signs was a warning not to do this!

Steve-O, a Clown College graduate, was the wildest member of the cast. Off the show, he used to do stunts like this, while he was drunk. However, he went to a rehab, and claims to have stopped drinking. Way to go, Steve-O!

More Jackasses

Earlier this year, MTV created Jackass World, where you can watch all your old favorites. In September, they started posting videos from Jackassworld Road Trip. These are mostly about skateboarding, and boring. There is also some original programming, which is more interesting.

“Jackass Unseen” – bits that were never shown – is the best part. Check out Steve-O’s Voodoo Ritual, which “didn’t exactly fit the whiz–bang Jackass mold,” for an entertaining example.

It has been over a year, since Steve-O said:

“I was told to rest up for Jackass 3 which will start shooting in January”

Unfortunately, it was never made.