New Management for St. Vincent Charity Hospital

Sister Judith Ann Karam The worst hospital I ever entered, should be improving.

St. Vincent Charity Hospital, which refused to treat me after a sniper used me for target practice, will now be managed by Sisters of Charity Health System. The hospital will be led by Sister Judith Ann Karam. Joan K. Ross, will manage the hospital, and report to Sister Karam.

Sister Karam (shown in photo), who started working at the hospital as a pharmacy technician in 1962, before joining Sisters of Charity in 1964, will replace Jeffrey S. Jeney as President and Chief Executive Officer. She said:

“This is not just a business decision for us. It truly is a decision based on a mission of who we are.”

I like “who we are”, because part Our Core Values is:

“Responds to the needs, pains, sufferings, and losses of others”

This sounds like good news for future visitors to their Emergency Room.

Web 1.0

Curiously, Sisters of Charity, has a terrible Web presence.

The visually impaired, and Googlers, will never find their “Mission and Values” because it is an image, not text. Their site, created with Mango Blog, also contains numerous syntax errors.

Additionally, I could not find a News Release on their site, and St. Vincent Charity Hospital Administrative Leadership, still lists Jeffrey S. Jeney, as President and CEO.