Sign Strahan

Michael Strahan New York Daily News has reported that Michael Strahan will return for one more season, if Giants double his salary.

Strahan wants Giants to pay him $8 million to play another season. He wants to be paid the same as Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins. Taylor has two years left on a contract, worth $17 million – $8 million next year.

Meanwhile, Giants have reportedly offered Strahan $6 million to play next season.

Sign Strahan!

OK, I am biased because Michael Strahan is my favorite Giant. Nobody tries harder than Strahan – on every play – and New York Giants are simply not as good without him.

Special Case

This is the first time I have ever agreed, that any player should be paid more than their already lucrative contract is worth. I have no idea how this would affect negotiations with other players – but Strahan is special, because when he plays, he sets an example for everyone to follow.

Professional Football is an extremely dangerous game, and a defensive end, like Strahan, has contact on every play.

Michael Strahan, who has played fifteen seasons for the New York Giants knows this as well as anybody.

Will He Play?

I recently said that Strahan would retire, but I have changed my mind. At a recent fundraiser for Diabetes Research Institute Strahan was typically evasive:

“Really, you know, money is great. Trust me. Nobody wants to work for free. But at the same time, I can make money doing other stuff that means when I wake up on Sunday I’m not sore, and I can have more time to enjoy life and be with my family. There are a lot of other ways to do other things and make money, but that’s not the sole purpose of life. Really, at this point, it’s enjoying myself and enjoying my family, my friends.”

One More Year!

Giants have won one Super Bowl since 1990. They have a better chance to repeat this year, than ever in my lifetime.

But they have an even better chance with Michael Strahan.