Subsidized Apartments in Pinellas County: Guide to Housing Options

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My friend is recovering from her third stroke. Friend wrote corporate safety manuals, to reduce accidents. Sadly, she cannot read or write since her latest stroke.

Friend also lost most of her speech. She said she needs years of speech therapy. Meanwhile, her iPhone reads text messages to her. But replies are difficult.

Friend wanted to live in Pinellas County — near the beach.

This is how I found a subsidized apartment in Pinellas County for her.

Show Me the Beach!

I drove her around Tampa, St. Petersburg, Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach.

Finally, she said, “Show me the beach!” She cannot drink alcohol or read a menu. But she enjoyed an alcohol-free Pina Colada at a bar on St. Pete beach.

After her drink, she said:

“How do I move here? Please help me find a subsidized apartment.”

Searching for Subsidized Apartments in Pinellas County Florida

Web searches and forms led to one waiting list. But my friend had to leave. This article contains additional information from my research.

Please leave a comment or send me a note, if you have information to add or correct.


I found subsidized housing in these cities:

Pinellas County Search

According to the 2020 census, about a million people live in Pinellas County.

Pinellas County Housing Authority owns and manages over 1000 units of public housing and affordable housing.

In a county full of Senior Citizens, there are only 110 beds available for subsidized assisted living.

There are no open waiting lists at this time. —Pinellas County Housing Authority

I updated this article on October 2, 2023. Check for an open waiting list now.

Affordable Housing in Saint Petersburg Florida

St. Petersburg Housing Authority offers housing assistance to low income individuals and families.

Residents pay about 30% of their income for rent. I think residents are also safer, because applicants must pass a criminal background check.

Consequently, you must join a waiting list, like other local housing agencies.

Alas, all of St. Petersburg’s waiting lists are closed.

Viridian Apartments for 62+

Viridian Apartments in Saint Petersburg are affordable and newly renovated.

Excellent Location

Viridian apartments are located on a bus route, relatively close to the public beach.

Planned activities are included! And you never have to evacuate during a hurricane!

Section 8 wait list is open. Learn more about Viridian apartments.

Affordable Housing in Clearwater Florida

Clearwater Housing Authority has several subsidized housing programs.

Search Clearwater Housing Authority properties for a subsidized apartment.

Affordable Housing in Palm Harbor

Are you over 62? Heritage Oaks of Palm Harbor has 94 one bedroom apartments with amenities for elderly people.

It looks nice! Apartments have low counters for residents in wheelchairs. Residents meet in a community room and have movie nights. My friend is on their waiting list. Alas, their waiting list vanished before I published this article.

The waiting list for this location is closed due to excessive wait times and we are not currently accepting new applications.

Emergency Housing in Pinellas County

Life is full of heartbreak and despair. Additionally, waiting lists are depressing.

Tampa Bay Cares is the only organization I found that provides emergency housing.

Good Luck!

Pinellas County has many beautiful parks and beaches. But Pinellas County has few subsidized apartments. Nevertheless, I hope you find one.

My friend is moving to Pinellas County on September 1, 2023.