Barrier : Timed Writing

Word to use: barrier

Work is a barrier. It provides the income I need to write and publish, but it interferes with everything else. I moved to Lexington in 2005, a few weeks after my sweetheart died. A few months ago, I finally decided that it was time for a new girlfriend.

I checked the personal ads on Craig’s List for likely candidates. Thanks to my great writing skills and a few megavitamins, a lovely woman moved into my small apartment. Linda claimed that I was helping her recover from her husband’s death.

Work was very helpful during the beginning of our brief relationship. Linda cleaned and reorganized the apartment while I was working. Linda had an entrepreneurial spirit. She disliked Bosses, started several small businesses. Linda’s first business was cleaning houses; she was the first employee. Linda shopped when was not cleaning. She bought kitchen supplies and a very nice portable wardrobe for the bedroom.

Alas, my favorite activities with Linda were waking up with her and cooking us breakfast. I worked as a breakfast cook and omelette chef in the late 70&#8217s. I create great breakfasts.

Linda’s favorite social activities were eating out, watching movies, bowling and dancing. Besides eating out, I had not participated in the others for several years.

Just before I bought dancing lessons, Linda needed time to find herself. After she found herself, Linda decided that she would rather be alone.