In My Next Life : Timed Writing

Phrase to use: In My Next Life

The fix was on. Stoned Surgeon in the fifth. This was it – a sure thing – a sure way to balance the balance in my bank account. I felt myself fingering the change in my pocket, and realized it was all the dough I had. I needed some Simoleans in a hurry – before the fifth race.

I found my phone book and started looking for someone who would lend me money. Hmm… Lucky Leon, haven’t seen him for awhile.

“Yo Lee! How’s it hanging? No, it’s The Kid. Hey – Tony the Pig has a fix in the fifth at Belmont, and I was hoping you could spot me two large to play. Just need cash for one day. Sure, see you in ten minutes.”

Stoned Surgeon lost. Something worried me at the window, and I only bet half. I am in the back seat of a Greyhound bus, traveling to a place where I will not see Leon, my landlord, and a few others.

In my next life, I am not going to bet on horses. I will just play cards.

    • February 26, 2010