An Open Letter To New York Giants

New York Football Giants

To New York Giants:
I have been following Giants for many years, and last week’s game was your worst! I attended games in ‘80’s with my late wife, but have not lived in New York for many years, and can only follow your team on TV now.

I watched Denver game on Thanksgiving, with my buddy who gets NFL Network, which was needed here. He claims that I yelled too much, which upset his pets, and banned me from watching future games there until Giants improve.

Actually, I only recall renaming your team, “The Negative Giants” because you kept going backwards.

You kept going backwards by committing stupid penalties, which annoyed me, so perhaps I did yell a little. And you committed about 8 penalties, after about 7 during the previous game – which still lingered in my memory, because some genius scheduled two games in four days.

Please do me a favor and win your remaining games. My buddy is Viking fan, and I would like to watch that game with him. He will relent if you are playing better next month. He said that I am very pleasant when Giants are winning.

Besides his company, another reason I like watching games there, is his outstanding TV set. I helped him pick the set before you played in Super Bowl XLII — only 2 years ago.

Your next game with Cowboys is most critical game of season. Your previous game against them was one of the most enjoyable games I ever watched — sticking it to Dallas in new stadium, on final play, with practically every important person in Texas there, was outstanding! Please beat them again. I know you can do it.

I am sure you will win if you do not commit any penalties!

Best wishes, Mitch