Bear Grylls and Man vs. Wild in New Zealand

Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild Bear Grylls, has never filmed an episode of Man vs. Wild in New Zealand. Fiordland, a mostly uninhabitated region, on the South Western tip of New Zealand, would be an ideal location for a future episode.

I think he should visit Fiordland National Park, the largest national park in New Zealand, and home to some of the world’s largest waterfalls. I would like to visit Doubtful Sound, which contains two separate layers of water: several feet of fresh water above saltwater.

Fiordland is also the home of the kiwi bird. The Kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand, and its currency is sometimes called a “kiwi dollar.”

10,000 People for Man vs. Wild Fiordland 2010

The only group I ever joined on Facebook is 10,000 People for Man vs. Wild Fiordland 2010. They reached their goal of 10,000 members, trying to convince Bear Grylls to film an episode of Man vs. Wild in Fiordland.

Unfortunately, Bear Grylls will not film Man vs. Wild in New Zealand in 2010. Liz Healy, Director of Global Communications for Discovery Channel said:

We are considering your part of the world for upcoming seasons

Bear Grylls is currently filming Worst Case Scenario in Los Angeles.



a better place would be somewhere in the southern mountains of new zealand

Michael Doran

Am a local to all the extreme sports and extreme adventure in the south island of N.Z., my backyard is central otago, love to ski, bike, tramp, river rafting. Ex navy diver, ski patrol, river guide, socially corrupted. Let a diver show bear where to go and how to survive. Also would like to see Bear survive as a homeless person in the south island during our winters. Would he take up the challenge? Summer is probably harder again so lets see!!!

Jed Turner

well, i have been watching bear for ages and i think that he has the power to withstand a little bit of cold weather, i mean he’s been to Ecuador, Iceland and even Scotland. I am a bit of an adventurer considering i am only 13. But thats true though.