Bear Grylls Is Injured in Vietnam

Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild Bear Grylls has been injured, while filming a segment of Man vs. Wild in Vietnam. Grylls accidentally severed the tips of two fingers, and was flown back to UK for treatment.

Bear Grylls described it as:

The production team flew me back to the UK but what concerns me is the lack of feeling in the end of the finger now. I also sliced off the tip of another finger which bled like nobody’s business, but the raw flesh is covering up now slowly. Dank, damp jungle conditions are bad for such injuries, trust me!

Get Well Soon!

Grylls is recuperating, waiting for the feeling in his finger to return. He said:

Anyway, hopefully the nerve damage will repair and I can get back onto the next show, God willing. But I do feel a bit battered generally. Jungle episodes are always intense.

Let us all hope Bear Grylls recovers soon!