Bear Grylls Buys Thai Penthouse

Bear Grylls Bear Grylls, whose primary residences are in UK, has purchased a penthouse in Phuket, Thailand. FYI: Phuket is pronounced “poo-get” in English.

Bear Grylls, and family can now spend holidays enjoying their new club penthouse at Kata Rocks, a community of “34 luxury oceanfront sky villas.”

Bear Grylls said:

“I guess in part that I make a living by eating some pretty disgusting things to show how to stay alive if you are in a survival scenario. But when I want to just chill out with family and friends, then I try and pick places that are discreet but spectacular. Kata Rocks is both of those in abundance. A very special hideaway.”

The Grylls penthouse, is a four bedroom, five bathroom, duplex, with two outdoor Jacuzzis (hot tubs), and a private swimming pool.

If you want Bear Grylls to be your occasional neighbor, the most expensive units — “Sky Duplexes” are sold out. However, there are some “Club Penthouses” available for $1,828,571. If that is too high, try a “Pool Condo” — they are exactly a million dollars cheaper, a mere $828,571.

About Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. It is located in the Andaman Sea off Southern Thailand. Travelers fly to Phuket International Airport — located on the island, which is 48 kilometers long, and 21 kilometers wide.

On December 26, 2004, Phuket suffered extensive damage from a tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake. In 2006, Thailand, installed 22 tsunami detection devices, approximately 1,000 kilometers offshore.

The name Phuket, is derived from “bukit” which means hill, in Malay. Phuket was formerly known as “Junk Ceylon” — but that does not sound like a place with million dollar condos!

How To Visit Phuket For $10 A Day

Phuket on $10 a day is possible. Those on a budget, should consider a few nights in Phuket Town. You can get a room, right in the center of town, for as little as $5.12 a night, at On On Hotel, which can be seen in the movie The Beach, filmed in 2000.

Be sure to pack Lysol, because that rate does not include a private bathroom.

Take a five kilometer walk from the hotel to SuperCheap, Phuket’s largest mall, where you can dine with locals at All You Can Eat At Super Cheap for about $2. However, you must pay double if you fail to finish everything on your plate!

What Can Bear Grylls Do In Phuket?

If Bear Grylls misses the wilderness, he can get a quick fix at Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Centre which features dense forests populated with native species, which would otherwise be extinct.

There are daily elephant and crocodile shows at Phuket Zoo which features a collection of African and Asian mammals and birds.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

walking on coals Huckleberry is probably too young for the annual, nine-day, Vegetarian Festival, but it deserves a special mention.

During the first week, of the ninth lunar month, Chinese Phuketians, undergo a ritualistic spritual cleansing, striving for absolute purity of body and mind during the course of this 9-day festival, which will be held from October 18-26 in 2009.

Highlights of the festival, include people hurting themselves.

Barefoot men walk on hot coals (shown), and others, climb ladders, with blades for steps.

Those without coals or ladders, bring kitchen utensils. Some participants puncture their cheeks with “knives, skewers, and other household items” — which a guide describes:

“It is believed that the Chinese gods will protect such persons from harm, and little blood or scarring results from such mutilation acts. This is definitely not recommended for the faint hearted to witness.”

Before you rush out to Phuket, to see how much blood, and scarring really results from these acts, I feel obligated to include the 10 Rules for attending Phuket Vegetarian Festival:

  1. Cleanliness of bodies during the festival
  2. Clean kitchen utensils and to use them separately from others who do not join the festival
  3. Wear white during the festival
  4. Behave physically and mentally
  5. No meat eating
  6. No sex
  7. No alcoholic drinks
  8. People at mourning period should not attend the festival
  9. Pragnant ladies should not watch any ritual
  10. Ladies with period should not attend the ritual

I bet the white clothing enhances the effect of the kitchen utensils!

Seriously, I am relieved that no alcohol is served, and I bet the staff of the local hospitals are too. Local emergency rooms must be mobbed during this festival.

Mazel Tov to Bear Grylls And His Family

Best wishes to the Grylls family, on their new purchase!