Where Does Bear Grylls Live?

Bear Grylls Although reports have claimed that Bear Grylls lives on a barge near Battersea Bridge, he also has a house in Northeast England.

Peter Stibbard was killed today, during a fire at his home in Preston, UK.

One report said Stibbard lived near Bear Grylls, while another said that Stibbard lived across the street from Grylls.

I was unable to find any other information linking Grylls to Preston, which is located between Ramsbury and Albourne, in the County of Wiltshire.



Bear Grylls official website, questions and answers indicates he lives on an Island 6 miles off the UK mainland.


Hi Tom,
On Ask Bear I found: Whats it like living on a boat?

It is fun! We bought it when we got married in 2000. It is 105 years old quite rusty but full of character. It can be quite cold in winter but it is so cosy inside, we love it. It is home. We have a work out area on the deck and an outdoor old rusty bath, a hammock and bbq-that’s about all you need to sustain life really! The boys adore it, even though the room they share is about the same size as an average wardrobe!

Bear Grylls has mentioned boat a few times.

Best wishes, Mitch




Ask Bear Grylls a question at: Questions for Bear. I hope he responds!
Best wishes, Mitch

Cotovanu Dorinel

I want to know where live Bear grylls.The adress and house/boat or a image with his house.

Cotovanu Dorinel

I am from Romania.I want to know your id.or adress.I don`t know very well English.My sister is in England,and she want to see you,because she love you emision Ultimated Survavor.Bear Grylls, you was in Romania in Mountens Apuseni to survive.


how do u eat all those diifferent types of animals????????i am your geatest fan.i love u for your bravery!!!!!!!!


u are awsome i want to join u on your missions.i am 12 years old your my idol.


i dont know what i say to bear. he is just awesome.
i just want to meet him once in my life

Caleb Bordage

ummm i dont know what to say but your my hero i would love to meet you in person and i would love to come on one of your edventures im only 12 but who cares


bear i am your biggest fan i can do a back flip a make rat death traps and iam only 11.
i would love to have your address so i can write to you


Hi Edward Michael Grylls,

I am a 11 yr old that lives in Lehigh Acres Florida. I would like to be like you when i grow up. Your shows are so cool!!!


Hi bear my name is Jaydon and im from Vancouver, Washington USA. i was wondering if you could give me a list of cheap food that i could last on for a month in the woods. Thanks and i hope to hear back.


Bear I am your biggest fan I wached all your episodes I know how to make all kinds of traps thanks to you ive killed and ate 2 snakes so far I wish to be like you somday I am 11 years old I cant wait until you make more episodes and I wish to meet you some day.


And please reply


Bear you are my idol and I hope to meet you some day I am 11 years old and want to become some type of survival expert some day YOU’RE AMAZING!


Bear you are my idol I hope to become like you some day I am 11years old and all my friends say I can’t have a job like u because I’m a girl but I don’t believe them 1 bit. I hope to meet you some day!

raw awesomeness

hi bear u are awesome

bear grylls fan

Hey Bear you are a legend comment a smiley face below if u agree :)


Hi i just want to say im a huge fan i was on youtube flicking through videos and i saw one of yours plus my farther mentiond your name when i was catching crabs with my hands,i think your amazing i wish i could go with you on one of your adventures but im only 12,if you read this message please respond i would appriciate it so i guess ill post another comment antoher day goodbye for now and goodluck on future adventures.

From: Micah.

Tan Arin

Why am I even writing this, obviously there are bigger fans than me and I don’t even think you’re going to read this. I’m not asking for anything I just want to let you know that you’ve probably saved lives with your show, you would have saved mine if I was lost somewhere. I hope you can give yourself a pat on the back once in a while and realize how good you are at what you do.

Bear Grylls Bares It All

[…] who sometimes lives on a houseboat in London, also said: This boat is heaven for us; it’s a way of being […]

Colby Trigg

Hi my name is Colby I am only 11 and your biggest fan.I have seen all your episodes and I hope you will make some more.I want to what you do some day.I hope you reply!!!!!