How to Contact Bear Grylls: The Best Method Revealed

Bear Grylls with Inno McKeown

If you're wondering, "How do I contact Bear Grylls?" you're not alone. This question has been frequently asked since I started writing about Bear Grylls in 2007.

Several readers asked me this question recently, prompting me to write this article with updated instructions. The internet is always evolving, and my 2009 answer and 2012 answer are now outdated. I added a note to my previous instructions directing readers to this article.

But it is challenging to contact Bear Grylls lately. Bear Grylls now has a contact page specifically for scouting and speaking engagements.

However, Bear Grylls still maintains an Ask Bear page where you can find answers to older questions.

The Best Way to Send a Message to Bear Grylls

The easiest way to reach Bear Grylls is through Twitter. Let me guide you through the process:

  1. Login to Twitter or Join Twitter.
    • If you're joining, take your time to create a profile with a photo and your location. Your photo will be displayed with your message.
    • Anyone can join; Twitter is free and has no age restrictions.
  2. Compose a concise message. Twitter messages must be less than 140 characters, including spaces and periods.
    • Double-check your message for any spelling errors!

Is Your Message Ready?

Check your mssage for spelling and grammar errors.

Remember that if Bear Grylls responds to your question, it will be seen by millions of people since he has about a million followers on Twitter.

An Example from a Question I Received

A reader once inquired about Bear Grylls visiting India. If Bear Grylls were here, I would ask:

Do you have any plans to visit India?

On Twitter, it's similar to sending an email. Instead of an email address, you must add Bear Grylls's Twitter handle to the question, like this:

@BearGrylls Do you have any plans to visit India?

An Example From a Question I Asked Bear Grylls

@beargrylls Do you have any plans to visit India?

— Mitchell Miller on January 6, 2013

Sadly, I haven't received a reply from Bear Grylls. However, he might respond to you. You'll never know unless you give it a try!



Bear grylls is not following me on twitter to send a direct message it is asking that he has to follow us too so what should I do now

Mitchell D. Miller

You can send Bear Grylls a direct message on Twitter by following him. He does not have to follow you.

Best wishes, Mitchell