How to Meet Bear Grylls

This information is outdated. Please see How To Contact Bear Grylls

cover of Bear Grylls's new book Man vs. Wild: Survival Techniques from the Most Dangerous Places On Earth is the latest book by Bear Grylls. It goes on sale today.

Now I can stop watching Bear Grylls reruns, and practice his techniques, in the privacy of my home. What could be better?

Can You Ever Learn Too Much?

Among other things, readers will learn how to:

  1. Suck fluid from fish eyeballs
  2. Use their urine to stay cool
  3. Skin a snake and eat it

Perhaps we will also learn:

  1. Why we should not eat the entire eyeball
  2. If this is a custom somewhere
  3. How to catch the snake

Where Is Bear Grylls?

Bear Grylls will be autographing books, and probably answering ridiculous questions, at least twice:

When Where
5/1/08 1:00 PM Borders Books 100 Broadway New York, NY 212–964–1988
5/6/08 7:30 PM Barnes & Noble 23630 Valencia Blvd. Santa Clarita, CA 661–254–6604

Still Searching for Bear Grylls

I am obviously a big fan of Bear Grylls, and I would like to meet him. Therefore, I was very surprised that this information, was scarce, and difficult to obtain.

Is it possible that Bear Grylls is just visiting two bookstores — one on each side of America?



What is Bear Grylls email?

peter lewis

im a really big fan of bear grylls and would love to meet him in person


You’re the best man i love you’re show you are so cool i loved when you went to the canadian rockies because i live in canada vancouver bc !!! And you’re the man bear i really want to meet you.

pulkit purohit

bear you are cool rocking sexy hot guy i want to meet and also want to travel dangerous places with you


hai bear Iam biggest fan of urs,
i want to be like you
I am very interested to meet in man vs wild program
i want to participate with you
How can I reach you plz give me an opportunity to meet you


hello bear my self manish from india. i see your program daily if it is repeated or new.i want to be like you, and i want to meet you please send a letter to me.


Hi Bear Grylls I am salil from India [mumbai]
I am your biggest fan actually I am also a trekker of MOUNTAIN LOVERS.Grylls I also want
to come with you to survive in MAN vs WILD with you.You will say that I am mad but you are wrong,I am not mad I also can survive any were like you I also can eat any thing like you. I like taking risk. Grylls I am not RICH but ican survive. Bear will you PLEASE reply me.


hi bear.
i see your program daily to know some survival technique from u. bear you are my teacher and legend. i also write a letter for u but my my financial condition is not good. so when i earn some money then i send u letter. and one thing also i want to join your show to gain some knowledge from u.


I would like to become a researcher just Bear Grylls any can help me


I can sacrifice for u

Ram Vikram Thapa

hi Bear….this is really interesting whatever you do…..1st time in my life ….i bcame a fan of somebody….if life gives me one chance to meet with you it will be gr8 pleasure for me…..keep it up…which u r doing…god is always with you….

Ram Vikram Thapa

If 2012….really happens in earth…then Bear only you could survive and those people who watch your programme….

Tasneem haque

Hey bear i juZz love your dare,brave,attitude that alL YOU HAVE…I’M the bigger then the best fans of are my idol,i wanNA BE Brave as you…


bear i am a big big fan of u plz i want to u travel me whole world.


hi bear i have no fear in the forest and in ice no fear i want to travel with u ?


bear i want to be like u. first what i should do?

Shaina Hsiao

I’m a SUPER DUPER BIG FAN of Bear:) I know almost everything about his life, done a book report about him and presented it, researched what he does, and have his books, clothes, and tools. I want to be like him. I want to contact him and have emailed him, but he has not replied (not suprised). Is there another contact email?

Coral Jones

Hi Bear, my boyfriend loves you and for his birthday I thought it would be amazing for me to arrange for us to meet you! If anybody knows how I can get in touch with Bear Grylls please let me know. It would make my boyfriend a very happy boy, thanks.

Kumod Marskole

Hey Bear Grylls I am the Biggest fan of yours.In my life you only is the best survivor.I want to meet you.I never missed a episode of yours.I am from India.Please reply .

viraj vijaykumar natekar

I really want to work with you


Hello bear,we are all your big fans. you have to come India,that’s not my order,it’s a sweet requist to you for us.please start a new Adventure trip in are many place like sikkim, meghalya,jammu kashmir ect. where you can do your work with fun and we also can see you and join your trip.please think on the Topic.reply must.


it too hard to find a person like grylls. His way of description, way of survival, every thing i like as a human like his/her lover ……… it would be my honor to meet such an idol. is there anyone that can tell me that how can i meet to him? please suggest me

pratik patil

you are the most loved man ever more than my mother @ my father

pratik patil

can i get your knife or any Tshirt or pant

harish soni

hi bear u r just full of life its really pleasure to see on screen whatever u do its just i have no words speachless


hi bear i am from tamilnadu i am a real fan of you. i want to meet u at last please send a hello to my mail asdress!!!


Hi bear, i collect your knives and one day would love to meet you if possible, god bless you


Hello bear.

Can’t wait for your next show.
When is it set to air in the uk?

Stay safe man


hello bear im just 10 years old and your going to think that im just a really stupid kid and i just want to meet you and who ever takes care of this for you just tell bear about this if you cant meet me please reply by email im from ireland so you probably cant meet me but leave something and i do cubs can you contact me

please bye


hi bear grylls, how r u? i am biggest fan of u. I never missed a episode of yours. because of from my child age, i want to survive travel in dangerous forest. but i cant,and now i believe can of u sir. i want to join with u and travel with u in forest. please invite me. god bless you. take care

sai kumar


sai kumar

please remember my name forever that enough for my life

sai kumar

please.can you reply me iam. biiii..g fan of you

sai kumar

l wish god that you be very happy forevep yor happiness make s strong .

sai kumar

I want you to come to india .you should live forever . Icant afford to come ENGLAND p

sai kumar

Brother bear you got a wonderfull life my life will be wonderfull when i meet. please invite me when you came to India

Amit das

please meet with me
fan of yours.


bear i sacrifice for you


I am Vignesh My native India ( Tamilnadu) you Very big Fan I meet for you Brother please accept me brother my Hero my heart you Bear Grylls

Jumman khan

Hi bear I am in Bangladeshi ..l see to your every program ..& i learn many things from u …if u take me with u ..i am very poor guy ..please tell me that how can i meet with u…

raj awasthi

I wanted to meet you, I wanted to come in running wild.

i’m world biggest fan of you. please contact me sir.


hi am dileep frm india(tamil nadu) am niggest fan of u i wanted to meet u i luv u so much bear


Hello Bear !
I’m also yr small and qt fan and l’m just 15 yrs old.I live in India (mumbai).I also wanna meet with u. U’r the beat survival expert : )


please sir I want to meet you


pls mr.beargrylls…my best frnd sakthivel is big fan of u….we wanna meet u sir….pls……


Fantastic Website. Very much enjoyed reading.


Great site. Just had a quick read.

Sibendu Mlallick

I want to live like a legend