My New Year Wishes : Two 2013 Wishes

When you wish upon a star Whether you greet a new year with relief or trepidation, it’s that time again.

Sadly, none of my Five Wishes For 2008 came true. I am reducing next year’s expectations with two wishes.

Two wishes ought to be easy.

  1. Fiscal Cliff
    President Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform on February 18, 2010. This bi-partisan committee was supposed to balance the budget by 2015. I do not understand what happens on December 31, but they did not complete their project. I wish President Obama would replace them and settle this mess.
  2. New York Giants
    I usually wish for the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl.

    This year, they might win their final game. Giants started 2010 by firing defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. I wish the Giants would start 2013 by replacing their offensive and defensive coordinators.
  3. Happy New Year!

    Best Wishes for 2013