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How To Contact Bear Grylls

How do I contact Bear Grylls? is the most common question I have been asked, since I started writing about Bear Grylls in 2007.

Several readers asked me this week. I wrote this article, with easy instructions, because my 2009 answer and 2012 answer are both wrong. The Web keeps changing. I added a message to my previous instructions to read this article.

It is harder to send Bear Grylls a message in 2013. Bear Grylls only has a contact page for scouting and speaking engagements.

Bear Grylls still has an Ask Bear page. However, you can only read old questions.

What Is The Best Way To Send A Message to Bear Grylls?

Use Twitter. It is easy. I will explain how to do it.

  1. Login to Twitter or Join Twitter.
    • If you are joining, take your time to create a profile with a photo and your location. Your photo will be displayed with your message.
    • Anyone can join. Twitter is free and there is no minimum age.
  2. Write a short message. Twitter messages must be less than 140 characters. Everything counts, including spaces and periods.
    • Check your message for spelling errors!

Is Your Message Perfect?

If Bear Grylls answers your question, a million people will see your message, because Bear Grylls has about a million followers on Twitter.

An Example from a Question I Received

A reader asked if Bear Grylls would be visiting India. If Bear Grylls was here, I would ask:

Do you have any plans to visit India?

Twitter is like email. Instead of an email address, I must add Bear Grylls’s name to the question. Like this:

@BearGrylls Do you have any plans to visit India?

An Example From a Question I Asked Bear Grylls

@beargrylls Do you have any plans to visit India?

— Mitchell Miller on January 6, 2013

Sadly, Bear Grylls has not replied. He might reply to you. You will never know unless you try!