About Where Did My Brain Go?

Welcome to my blog.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I learned computer programming in 1982, Web apps in 1994.

Where Did My Brain Go? introduced me to blogging. I intended to write about traumatic brain injuries, but it was depressing.

My 300+ articles reflect my changing interests. I switched from Bear Grylls to the New York Football Giants.

I enjoyed summarizing the New York Giants games until they stopped winning. It is not fun to write about losses.

Hoping to see Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Jabrill Peppers play in the Super Bowl. Go Giants!

There are 45 WordPress articles on this blog. Theses articles were mostly written after I released the Quick Mail WordPress plugin.

Quick Mail was created, because I wanted to send an email from the WP Dashboard. After 42 uodates, Quick Mail also works from the command line with WP-CLI.

Quick Mail also sends private replies with attachments to comments. Check it out on Github. :)

Read My Book

I wrote a novel. Sociopathic Surgeon is a terrifying story about a sociopathic surgeon and her sociopathic family.

Sociopathic Surgeon was published as an ePub in 2012. In 2014, I updated it to use the newer ePub 3 features.

I rewrote most of the novel during the summer of 2019. I cut 25% of the words, to increase the action.

Writing a novel requires effort and determination. Publishing the novel is the primary reward.

Bad Marriages

I was married and divorced three times. The first six months of every marriage was sheer bliss. One wife said, “Let’s skip dating, and just get married!”

We yearned to be together. And then…

Where Did Our Love Go?

Incompatibilities, arguments and threats ended my marriages. There were no injuries or deaths.

My marriages were not great marriages, but they were not Bad Marriages. Bad Marriages end in death.

Adultery and greed are the leading causes of Bad Marriages. Life insurance can be a huge payoff — if you get away with it. We only know about the killers who were apprehended.

Might Be Innocent

Some convicted murderers might be innocent.

Clay Starbuck was the only suspect after wife Chanin Starbuck was murdered, although he had no criminal record. Worse: Clay Starbuck is serving a life sentence, despite three unidentified DNA samples found on Chanin’s corpse. Mr. Starbuck’s children believe he is innocent.

Scott Peterson cheated on his pregnant wife Laci Peterson with girlfriend-turned-witness Amber Frey. His behavior was repulsive, but it does not make him a murderer.

Please visit Bad Marriages for more information. And be nice to your spouse.

Geek Notes

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