Where Did My Brain Go?

Sociopathic Surgeon | Medical Thriller

Sociopathic Surgeon by

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Sara was a brilliant student, stifled by life on a farm. Medical school changed everything. A surgical residency is her path to a new life.

Sonny lives in a Manhattan rooming house. He wanted a stress-free career as a bank clerk, until he met Sara.

They love whiskey and each other. They hate laws.

Sara lies on medical charts. She trades prescriptions for favors. Her precocious daughters are never punished, because they have no rules.

Sara’s medical license is a weapon. Her family thinks she is the smartest person in the world. Can anyone stop her?

“I’m a Doctor. Trust me.”

Sociopathic Surgeon by Mitchell D. Miller

“I liked this book, the whole family is nuts, I would really recommend it, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over the babysitter.”