Florida Needs a Compassionate Medical Marijuana Law

marijuana leaf I have not written about medical marijuana for a few years. My last article discussed Eddy Lepp. Lepp is still in prison, hoping for a compassionate release. Nevertheless, there has been lots of progress made toward the legalization of marijuana.

I expected marijuana to be legalized in 1969, after I attended the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. I was surrounded by thousands of people camping close to each other on muddy grass. I walked around for hours. I saw many people smoking marijuana, but nobody was arrested and there were no fights.

Colorado Amendment 64

Colorado Governor Hicklenhooper legalized recreational marijuana on December 10, 2013. Denver started issuing licenses to marijuana stores on December 27, 2013. Marijuana stores opened on January 1, 2014.

New businesses and jobs are being created. Denver expects more tourists. My 420 Tours is the first company to offer tours of marijuana stores and kitchens in Denver. Denver even has an online map with the locations of all the marijuana stores for travelers.

Coloradans may purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, but non-residents are limited to a quarter of an ounce. However, there is no limit on daily purchases at multiple stores.

Colorado laws are fair because medical marijuana users are allowed to own six plants, three flowering. Marijuana helps nausea and many other legitimate problems. Every patient, in every state, should be allowed to grow their own marijuana.

Florida Medical Marijuana

I live in Tampa, where marijuana laws are scary. I was amazed to learn that Florida residents who are arrested for possession of under 20 grams of marijuana can lose their drivers license for up to two years.

I never followed Florida politics before I moved here, but I expected Florida to be the first state to legalize medical marijuana, because so many older people live here. Israel has been serving marijuana brownies in nursing homes for several years. I am surprised that it is not available to the elderly residents of Florida.

A recent poll found that 82% of Floridians want medical marijuana in Florida. Florida's voters can show their support for medical marijuana, by signing a petition now, and voting for it next year.

Patients Before Profits

Medical marijuana is too expensive for many people who could benefit from using it. Patients should be allowed to grow their own marijuana. Two of our most populous states might agree with me soon.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris introduced the marijuana legalization initiative statute to triple California's income from marijuana. Initiative 13-0025 will legalize marijuana use, growth, cultivation, possession, transportation, storage and sale. It will basically end the enforcement of marijuana laws in California.

New York State Senator Liz Krueger has introduced the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. This bill:

Allows for home cultivation of up to six marijuana plants;

I hope Florida realizes that home cultivation is vital for medical marijuana patients who will not be able to afford to buy it at a dispensary. I hope Florida puts patients before profits.



I share your hopes, thanks so much for this article and for sharing your observations made at Woodstock! My only hope is that this movement is truly one from the people, and not one that is being orchestrated by the fools in charge for some as of yet unknown purpose.


It is sad that we cannot have another Woodstock, where the worst problem was tainted LSD.

It is also sad that unlike Colorado, Florida’s patients will be forced to buy marijuana from a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. I would like to know how disabled people will be able to afford it.