I Moved from Lexington to Tampa

beware of poisonous snakes I moved from Manhattan to Lexington, Kentucky in 2005. My daughters Maxine and Audrey asked me to move to Lexington, after Mom died.

I enjoyed living in Lexington. I was delighted to be near my little darlings.

I felt even better after I started my days walking with Larry Steur.

However, Lexington felt worse after Larry died.

I stopped walking. I rode a bicycle sometimes, but it was on the same route I rode with Larry.

I finally felt better about Lexington, after I met Karen.

You Will Love Tampa

Maxine gets new nails Meanwhile, Maxine moved to Tampa. We lived in Fort Lauderdale during 1988 and 1989, but I had never visited Tampa. Maxine assured me that I would love Tampa.

I enjoy being able walk to her apartment, and join her on her chores. I watched her get “Frenchies” last week.

Audrey will be visiting us soon. I am hoping that she will like Tampa, and join us.

Extended Family

Maxine and Audrey are delighted to be part of their newly extended family. Karen and Susie are enjoying spending days at the pool!