How To Fix America

Ben Rattray As a youngster, I admired President Kennedy.

I can still remember when my teacher wrote: “Ask not when your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” on the blackboard. We were all moved by this simple, yet eloquent, statement, which our President made during his inaugural address.

My class sent President Kennedy a letter, after he managed to get some missiles out of Cuba without starting World War III. We thought he was doing a really good job.

Unfortunately, the current administration, has not inspired any congratulatory notes. But I found how to get started with Obama and Biden early.

Vote for the Top Ten Ideas for America

Ideas for Change in America, wants your ideas!

Visit What’s Your Big Idea for America? and enter your idea, or vote on other ideas. There will be two rounds of voting, before the top ten ideas will be presented to our new leaders on Inauguration Day.

But that’s not all — after the ideas are presented, non-profit lobbyists will promote the winning ideas.

Ben Rattray

The smiling face belongs to 28–year–old, Ben Rattray, who started, which manages this innovative project. Rattray said:

“I started this journey because I had little way of translating my passion for a cause into effective action, and I hope we can deepen engagement in social issues and empower people to make a difference in their communities and the world around them”

Why send one opinion, when you can send a million?