I Find Cities Terrifying

Bear Grylls in Manhattan Bear Grylls continues to promote his, new “softer” image in an interview with Lauren Collins of Men’s Vogue Magazine, who tries to turn him into a metrosexual to appeal to her readers.

You can see Grylls posing in a Grylls by Craghoppers jacket, which must be brand new, because I could not find it on the Craghoppers site. You can also see him climbing into Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain, wearing more layers than I have ever seen him wear on Man vs. Wild.

In this light and fluffy interview, Grylls describes how he met his wife while he was naked on a freezing Scottish beach on New Year’s Eve.

As someone who has recovered from two nasty orthopedic injuries, I really admire Grylls for climbing Everest, two years after breaking his back in three places, and after eighteen months of rehab. Grylls said:

“I remember being told early on in my Army career that discomfort and pain won’t last forever, but that the pride of doing something that other people can’t do will.”

Grylls closes the interview, with an explanation of how he rsurvived an unexpected storm, a few months ago, when it was “so windy I couldn’t stand” with temperatures of thirty degrees below zero.

Was that fahrenheit or celsius? Does it matter? Grylls said:

“This just happens to be what I’m good at”

Bear Grylls conquered Everest, now he transcends metrosexuality. How can you not like this guy?