What’s So Great About Bear Grylls?

photo by Pete Holdgate In a fascinating new post on his blog, Bear Grylls describes how he prepares for the grueling ordeals he faces filming Man vs. Wild.

“I routinely train for three to four hours a day to keep my physical fitness at the level needed to sustain the pace of each shoot; this routine includes weights, running, yoga, rucksack runs, yomps, and circuit training.”


yomp is what the (British) Royal Marines call a long distance march, carrying a “full kit.” The adjacent photoThe Yomper, by Pete Holdgate, shows Royal Marines yomping on a narrow path, through a cleared minefield, on their way to defend Stanley, after Argentina invaded the invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982. During this famous yomp, Royal Marines yomped 56 miles (90 km) in three days, carrying 80 pounds (36 kg) on their backs.

Besides these 3–4 hour workouts, Grylls said that he also practices “skydiving, climbing, paragliding, yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts.”

NOTE: If you live in Lexington, Kentucky, and want to try yomping, let me know. I would like to see how far my Baby Boomer legs can handle it. :-)

New Photos?

Grylls said to look for “updated photo albums on the website from Man vs Wild” but I only found four photos.

Why Bear Grylls Is Great

I admire Grylls, for his dedication and resolve.
I once spent about two years on crutches, and I know how hard it is like to get back into shape. After an ignorant surgeon told me that I would need a cane for the rest of my life, I went to physical therapy almost every day, for over a year, to get back into shape. Trust me – there are many people who hurt themselves, and spend the rest of their lives as a gimp, because they lack the fortitude which is needed to recover.

Grylls was once laid up with a broken back for 18 months, but he is as far from a gimp as you can get. Anyone who is reading this, who suffered an injury, but never fully recovered, because they were too depressed, or doped up, or just didn’t care enough, should use Bear Grylls as a role model, and get over it.

Chugach Mountains

Tonight’s Man vs. Wild rerun, where Grylls tackles Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, is one of my favorite episodes. I did some research, and learned that The Alaskan Chugach Wilderness Lodge, which accommodates up to ten guests, and is “accessible only by bush plane in the summer and snow machine in the winter,” is the nicest place to stay in the area.

I have not seen the re–edited version of this episode yet. Will Bear Grylls tell us if he stayed in one of its five cozy free standing cabins?

We will all find out tonight, at 7 P.M., on Discovery.