My Day: 12-30-08

Hamas logo I started my day watching Cynthia McKinney on CNN. McKinney was complaining that Israel prevented her from crossing a blockade, on a self-described mission of mercy, bringing medical supplies to wounded Palestinians.

McKinney also wanted to assess the ongoing conflict, so she will have something new to complain about.

I went directly from television to the Israeli press conference on Twitter. During this conference, I learned that Red Cross and World Health Organization, are sending medical supplies to Gaza hospitals.

The former Georgia Congresswoman could have stayed home.

Make Videos, Not War

It was very easy to sign up for Twitter, so I decided to try Digg. Wow! Two great new ways for me to waste time. Especially Digg!

I eventually found two interesting videos to discuss.

Eirik Solheim

Eirik Solheim, collected one year’s worth of images of his backyard. Photos were taken on a “balcony” with his camera in the same place, for each photo.

Solheim compressed the photos, along with sounds of his backyard, into two impressive videos. Check out the year in 40 seconds, or a year in two minutes. I really like the shorter version.

Simon Panrucker

Simon Simon Panrucker made me laugh for the first time today, with 36 seconds of Curiosity.

This gem shows what happens to people who spend too much time alone, with their laptop.


Using Twitter and Digg inspired me to write about my day. I visited many Web sites today, and it just seemed natural to write about some of them.

My only wish for tomorrow, is that Hamas stops bombing Israel.