Get Ready For Bear Grylls In Belize

Belize Coat of Arms Bear Grylls finally returns to Discovery, when the new season of Man vs. Wild begins on Monday, January 12, in the jungles of Belize.

I became curious after Bear Grylls said that the British Army uses Belize to train its troops for jungle warfare. I found a fascinating video of British troops training in Belize — in the air, on land, and wading across a river.

The 600 troops of the First Battalion, who are on maneuvers in the jungles of Belize now, will be deployed soon in Afghanistan. I hope they all return home safely from the latest war.

Do You Want To Go Caving?

World Map with Belize highlighted Belize, is located on the northeastern coast of Central America. (see map) Belize is best known for its thousands of caves. The largest cave in Belize is Cebeda, which spans 25 miles. Cebeda, was discovered in 1989, and is currently the largest cave in Central America. Cebeda is located in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, one of the largest remaining rainforests in Central America.

Some of us will be able to see Bear Grylls in one of these caves on Monday. Read on.

Monday January 12, 2009

Americans will be able to stop watching Bear Grylls reruns on Monday at 10 P.M. when the new season of Man vs. Wild begins on the Discovery Channel.

Please note that Man vs. Wild will be shown on Mondays at 10 P.M. this season. In case you miss it, new episodes will also be shown at 2 A.M. for everyone’s convenience.

How To Receive A Reminder!

I recommend Discovery’s excellent email reminder service. You will never receive unwanted email using this service, because you can only request a reminder, for one specific broadcast. Reminders include a brief description of the episode — this is Discovery’s description of Bear Grylls in Belize:

“Bear Grylls is in the jungles of Belize where he plays Tarzan in the trees, comes face to face with a 9ft boa constrictor and is left hanging by his fingertips over a raging white-water river.”

It sounds remarkable, even though Discovery does not mention a cave!

What Happened To Born Survivor?

I was unable to find out when this episode will be shown in UK. Searches for Born Survivor Belize and Bear Grylls Belize on UK’s Channel 4 produced no results.

I was also unable to find a schedule on the official Born Survivor site.

This Will Be the Final Season of Man vs. Wild

I believe that this will be the last season of Man vs. Wild.

First of all, Bear Grylls is still recuperating from a painful injury. Bear Grylls is also 34 years old, and his wife is expecting their third child.

I anticipate the first Man vs. Wild movie in 2010. Bear Grylls is mortal, and it is time for him to minimize his risks.



We’ll miss Bear Grylls, but I am sure that he knows he needs to spend more time with his family, especially after their new addition. I have no idea why I am responding to your blogs, I found it randomly when I looked up “Bear Grylls” and “family jewel”. Haha! And no, I wasn’t doing an image search (married and faithful here!), I was curious if anyone else found that funny too!


Hi Sue,
I cannot understand how “family jewel” led you here, but I am glad you enjoyed my blog.