New York State Censors Internet

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Andrew Cuomo, New York State’s misguided Attorney General, has reached an agreement with Verizon, Sprint, and Time-Warner cable, to block access to thousands of USENET groups.

Cuomo claims that this will protect New Yorkers from child pornography — although there are only 88 newsgroups devoted to this particular perversion.

Where’s The Porn?

Under Cuomo’s idiotic plan, all the alt.* newsgroups will be blocked. This includes the groups, which offer peer support to people with breast cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. The latter group was very helpful to me a few years ago, while I was waiting for spinal cord surgery.

Millions of people with problems all over the world, have found solace, kinship, referrals, etc., in these newsgroups which Crazy Cuomo wants to block.

I have two daughters, and child pornography disturbs me. When my daughter Maxine was about 4, she wanted to be “like Barbie” so I entered her in a a beauty pageant. Unfortunately, I pulled her out, because the officials, and Judges, were weird. They looked at her like she was an adult, and it gave me the creeps. Even Maxine thought they were weird, and she did not argue when we left.

Do these people look at child pornography? I do not know, and I do not care, because it has nothing to do with me. It also has nothing to do with the thousands of helpful newsgroups which Cuomo also banned.

Circumventing Cuomo’s Catastrophe

New York State residents will still be able to access their favorite newsgroups through paid services like SuperNews and Giganews, and free services, such as Google Groups.

I am against all censorship. Perverts will always find what they want – unfortunately, normal people will be screwed.