Michael Strahan Retires

Michael Strahan Michael Strahan has officially retired. As I previously reported, Strahan said he would retire, unless the New York Giants doubled his $4 million salary, to match Jason Taylor, a 6 time, all–pro defensive end, who plays for Miami Dolphins. Strahan has been selected for seven Pro Bowls, in his 15 year career with Giants.

Presidential Praise

John Mara, President of Giants said:

“There is no way we win the Super Bowl last year without him. In fact, I would say we probably don’t even make the playoffs without him. Not only because of his play on the field, but what he did for us in the locker room, the leadership he provided, the way he dealt with the younger players and the example that he set. Those are going to be big shoes to fill.”

Parting Shot

I do not think players should renegotiate their contracts. Strahan who held out last year, would have set an awful precedent for Giants, if they had doubled his salary.

ESPN reported that Giants offered Michael Strahan a $1 million raise if he was credited with at least six sacks — or $25,000 a game — before playoff bonuses.

Next Generation

Justin Tuck is expected to replace Strahan, as Giants try to win another Super Bowl. Michael Strahan will be in a broadcasting booth — Giants will miss him.