Oops! I did it again!

no smoking symbol I just quit smoking for the zillionth time. I can’t stand it!

Make that zillionth and last – I can’t go through this again!

I know what it is like. I know exactly what to expect. When I stop smoking cigarettes, I become (gasps are also deeper) – and blurt, “Oh No! I stopped smoking again!”.

I reach for a cigarette when I drink coffee. I must stop drinking coffee temporarily, to kick smoking. I have been holding out, but I am going to make my last cup right now. (back) I’ll be able to have another cup in a week.

My last cup of coffee is my first benefit. It smells like coffee in here now, and it will continue to smell like coffee for awhile, because I will not be smoking.

This first benefit is followed by another one during each additional moment of your life: You live longer. More time with the ones you love, and more time to annoy the others.

That is the biggest benefit, anyone can receive.