Plaxico Burress Returns To Court

Plaxico Burress He’s back!

Plaxico Burress appears in Manhattan Criminal Court today. His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, is expected to request an adjournment, to negotiate a plea bargain for the idiotic wide receiver.

In case you forgot, Burress was charged with two counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon, and faces a minimum sentence of three and a half years.

Special Case

New York Times reported that in 2008, 90% of the 986 cases of this type, were settled for reduced charges.

Unfortunately for Burress, those statistics do not apply to his case, because Mayor Bloomberg said:

“They are the role models for our kids, and if we don’t prosecute them, to the fullest extent of the law, I don’t know who on Earth we would. It makes a sham, a mockery of the law.”

Even Stupider

Three months before he shot himself, Burress signed a $35 million contract which will probably be nullified if he goes to jail. He lost at least $2 million of salary and bonus last season.

Burress had one of the most expensive Saturday nights of all time — and don’t forget that NFL will fine him too.

Although General Manager Jerry Reese said:

“Right now he is still a Giant and if things work out and he’s on board with what we want coming back, we’d love to have him back.”

I think he will eventually wind up on Raiders in UFL, with Michael Vick.

Next Season

Giants signed Micah Rucker, a wide receiver, who is listed as 6'6" to replace Burress. Don’t forget that Amani Toomer is also not returning to Giants next season.


Giants announced pre–season schedule yesterday.

Giants start on August 17th against Panthers. They will also play Bears, Jets, and Patriots in pre–season.



NY Times reported that Burress got his adjournment, and returns to court on June 15.
While it was painful to watch Giants lost 4 out of their last five games without him, NYC needs to keep idiots like him off the street.
Which is more important?