Sociopathic Surgeon is on Sale for Summer Readers

cover of Sociopathic Surgeon

Writing a book is hard. It is harder to get people to read it. My book is on sale to encourage you to read it.

I reduced the Kindle price of Sociopathic Surgeon to 99¢ for the Summer, to encourage Summer readers to read my novel.

I have been working on a sequel. It would be great if more readers were waiting for it.

About Sociopathic Surgeon

Patients trust surgeons. Imagine someone after a car accident:

You're nervous as you're wheeled into the emergency room, until a cheerful surgical resident approaches you. You relax as you answer her questions, because you are unaware that she is the craziest person in the room.

We expect physicians to help us.

But surgeons must be smart, not sane. Sara is a sociopathic surgeon.

She practices medicine by her own rules. Most patients are healed, some are punished.

Sara lies on medical charts. She trades prescriptions for favors. She abuses nurses and lawyers. She reserves her worst behavior for anyone who claims to be a "Doctor," without a degree from an American medical school.

Sara marries a sociopathic bank clerk after a weekend of drinking. They consider themselves the smartest people in the world.

Their precocious daughters have few rules. The children are not enrolled in school, but encouraged to find educational activities.

Join Sara and her sociopathic family on a series of adventures from New York to Florida. Is Sara really the smartest person in the world?

Reviews of Sociopathic Surgeon

Sadly, Sociopathic Surgeon has only received three Amazon reviews in two years. My two four star reviews:

From United Kingdom:

I liked this book, the whole family is nuts, I would really recommend it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry over the babysitter.

From USA:

Interesting story of a modern couple in Manhatten. He works in a bank and Sara, the title character, is a surgeon. The couple, Sara and Whatshisname, drink a lot. They spend a great deal of time in various bars and taverns, where they know and are welcomed by the regulars. Sara is, not to put too fine a point on it, crazy. But lots of other characters are halfway there, as well.

The author writes sparingly, but in a way that holds your interest. You keep reading, wanting to know what happens next, and where the story is leading. To be honest, two things about the author's writing style bugs me: One, I'm used to reading books with paragraph indentations, whereas this book relies not on indents but rather blank space separating paragraphs; second, Sara "bellows" too much, never shouting, screaming or speaking at the top of her lungs. She bellows. That gets tiresome after a bit.

If you can ignore my two criticisms, I think you will enjoy the story.

Sara the Sociopathic Surgeon

The second review refers to my original novel, Sara the Sociopathic Surgeon.

Sara bellowed throughout that novel. Several readers complained about excessive bellowing.

I edited, retitled and reformatted this novel. Sara is slightly saner in the current version. I also removed about 20 pages to improve the pace.

No Guarantees

I received one negative review:

I Would not recommend reading this book to anyone. The title was deceptive – I was expecting much more when I bought it.

I do not know how respond. I assure you, potential gentle reader, that my title is not deceptive.

Please try a free sample of my book.



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