March Against Monsanto 2014

Monsanto Logo with X I attended the Libertarian Party of Florida Convention with United for Care last weekend. United for Care volunteers reminded Libertarians to vote #YesOn2 — "Yes" on Florida's Amendment 2, to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

We also provided information and forms for absentee voters in Florida.

Marching Against Monsanto

As I was leaving the Libertarian Convention, a United for Care volunteer asked me if I would be joining UFC volunteers at March Against Monsanto on May 24.

I was not aware of complaints against Monsanto, so I checked it out.

What's Wrong with Monsanto?

Monsanto invented Glyphosate in 1970. It has been sold as Roundup since 1974. Monsanto's market share shrank to 10% after their patent expired in 2010.

Monsanto started selling Roundup Ready seeds in 1996. Roundup Ready seeds are genetically modified to be resistant to Roundup pesticides.

Poisoned Food

Farmers used to limit their spraying to weeds. However, farmers who use Monsanto products can spray plants too.

Does this seem wonderful to you? Robert T. Fraley of Monsanto was awarded The 2013 World Food Prize for Roundup Ready seeds. In 2010, Roundup Ready seeds were used for most of the corn, soybeans and cotton grown in the United States.

Monsanto requires farmers to buy new seeds every year, because seeds and pesticides are constantly changing, to counter evolving insects. In 2008, the Journal of Pest Science reported that 90% of genetically modified crops were resistant to plain glyphosate.

Worried About Worms?

Monsanto sells corn that resists worms.

Unfortunately, worms and corn must keep evolving. The corn can stop being healthy. Nobody knows, because there is insufficient time for testing.

In 2016, Vermont will become the first State to label foods containing GMO ingredients. Members of the European Union label GMO foods, why don't Americans? After researching this article, I would like to see GMO labels in Florida soon.

The Federal Government ignores the dangers and focuses on the increased yields of genetically modified food. In 2010, Jack Bobo, Senior Advisor for Biotechnology in the Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs blogged:

American farmers have benefited greatly by the adoption of this technology, and now foreign farmers are also seeking access to this technology

2014 March Against Monsanto

Concerned citizens in 53 countries and 400 American cities will March Against Monsanto on Saturday. Check events by city to find a location near you.

2014 Florida March Against Monsanto

It is odd that the official list of March Against Monsanto events, lists all event details on Facebook.

I will list Tampa, St. Pete and Miami info for convenience.

Tampa : 2014 Florida March Against Monsanto

Tampa has two events. One group is traveling from Tampa to St. Louis to demonstrate at Monsanto headquarters.

Tampanians who want to join Tampa's March Against Monsanto will meet at Stained Market Place : 2106 East 15th Avenue, 33605. Events begin at 9 A.M.

Bring a refillable water bottle. Organizers will provide water and ice.

I did not receive a reply to a message I left on Facebook yesterday, requesting the route of Tampa's march.

St. Petersburg : 2014 Florida March Against Monsanto

The St. Petersburg Marchers Against Monsanto will start marching at noon from City Hall, 175 5th Street North.

The marchers will gather in Williams Park at 1 P.M. for speeches and drumming.

Miami : 2014 Florida March Against Monsanto

Will you be in Miami on Saturday? You can march at 2 PM, and attend a party at a vegan restaurant after the march. March Against Monsanto in Miami meets outside Adrienne Arsht Center Metromover station.

After the parade, some marchers will meet at Mi Vida Cafe for two events. Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Florida, will speak at both events.

Adrian Wyllie Speaks After March Against Monsanto Miami

I like Adrian Wyllie because he wants to reduce the State budget by 30% and eliminate property taxes for primary homes.

Wyllie has become known for driving without a license to protest Real ID, the Federal database registry.

You can listen to Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian candidate for Governor, discuss GMOs in the Mi Vida Loca Restaurant 7244 Biscayne Blvd at 6 P.M.

Avoiding GMOs

I need a few days off vegetables after writing this article. My wife said that I should also avoid meat, because the cows have been fed GMOs.

I checked, and learned that the problem is much greater than than the food eaten by cows. The FDA started regulating genetically engineered animals in 2009.

Canned fish seems OK.