Stephen King’s Favorite Story

Stephen King in 2007 Lexington is semi–paralyzed today, under nearly two inches of snow.

So I turned on the TV this morning, to see if my daughter Audrey’s school was open, and was pleasantly surprised, when I was greeted by Matt Lauer interviewing one of my favorite novelists, Stephen King.

King was promoting his latest novel, Duma Key. It is about an angry fellow, with a traumatic brain injury.

My Favorite Quotes

“You can scare the American people, but sometimes it’s very tough to gross them out.”
“Creativity is a road out of pain, misery, and happiness.”

Stephen King’s Favorite Story

Matt Lauer’s last question, which was submitted by a viewer, was:

“If after your death, you knew that only one of your stories would be remembered, which one would you want it to be?”

King told Lauer that his favorite story was The Reach.

I was not familiar with The Reach but I immediately craved a copy, and thought that you might want one too.

Reaching The Reach

The Reach was published as part of Skeleton Crew which is available in paperback. Thank you, Matt Lauer, for an excellent interview.

For Adults Only

You can watch the interview, and also read an excerpt of Duma’s Key, which contains plenty of profanity, and is not suitable for minors at: