Quick Mail 3.5.5 Maintenance Release

My Quick Mail WordPress plugin sends email with attachments from WP dashboard, or command line with WP-CLI. Quick Mail 3.5.5 maintenance release fixed 2 bugs, changed 1 feature.

Quick Mail 3.5.4 Sends Email with WordPress 4.6

My Quick Mail WordPress plugin is the easiest way to send email with attachment from WP Dashboard or command line with WP-CLI. Quick Mail 3.5.4 does not require WP 5. I want users who are afraid of Gutenberg to use latest version of Quick Mail.

Quick Mail Sends Messages from WordPress

Use my Quick Mail WordPress plugin to send email with attachments from WordPress dashboard. Reply to comments, send email to all members of site. Use Quick Mail from Web or with WP-CLI on command line. Get Quick Mail from WP or Github.

Quick Mail 3.4.3 for WordPress

Use Quick Mail to send emails with attachments from WordPress dashboard or command line. Quick Mail 3.4.3 improves email address validation.