Too Stupid To Ignore

Worlds Greatest Dad? Now that I have a category topic for idiots, I feel obligated to write about this particular stupid person.

Daniel Allen Everett, age 33, of Clarkston, Michigan, was arrested on Tuesday (July 15) for using the Internet to arrange a meeting for sex with a minor. Using the screen name “danmichelle2004”, Everett arranged to meet an undercover agent posing as 14–year–old girl for sex.

Everett was charged with two felonies, Child Sexually Abuse Activity and Using the Internet to Commit Child Sexually Abuse Activity. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

Even Stupider

Everett (shown in photo), was inexplicably wearing a “World’s Greatest Dad” t–shirt when he was arrested, as “Internet Predator 198” since Michigan began counting them in 2003.

He could have read about Michigan’s previous sting operations, if he had visited just Indeed, Google found 408 matches, for “Internet Predator” on And almost all of them are about arrests. He could have also read about Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative and how they arrested 11 miscreants on May 22.

The Weirdest

Daniel Allen Everett is the weirdest Internet predator of all time. What was he thinking?

Whatever he was thinking, he will plenty of time to think about it.