Toughest Jeopardy! Game of All Time

Christian Haines on Jeopardy! I was so excited after Thursday’s game, that I wrote about it — my first post in almost two weeks. It was the first time I wrote about Jeopardy! Unfortunately, it was not very good.

I did not list the winner’s name, or link to his bio. However, the worst part, is where I opined that Thursday’s game is the toughest (what is a better adjective?) Jeopardy! game I have ever seen, without presenting any proof. Two marriages have taught me what my opinion is worth, so I have returned to set everything straight, or as one wife used to say, “Put it in writing.”

Thursday Redux

Christian Haines won Thursday’s semifinal game, of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. I thought it was the toughest Jeopardy! game I have seen, and I have been watching this show for over twenty years.

Sometimes I think, “I used to know that,” and the answer jogs a distant memory. Other times, it might be a noun (thing) that you cannot describe, but you have heard the word. Occasionally, the response will be a word that you are hearing for the first time in your life.

This game featured a few questions that I barely understood. Several responses were new words to me, more than ever in a game. Some of the questions that I did understand, were about subjects that I have never learned.

I could not blame it on a generation gap either, because I watched it with my twenty–year–old daughter, Audrey, and she was baffled most of time too.

Christian Haines, will play a semi–final game, on Tuesday, November 13th.
I hope he wins again!

I have no idea, how Mr. Haines managed to acquire, much less absorb, some of the facts he spewed during this quarterfinal game. Haines obviously spent many hours acquiring facts. He deserves another chance to play.

The Most Challenging Game Of Jeopardy! of All Time

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