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Bear Grylls : Worst Case Scenario is Coming Soon

Bear Grylls will star in six episodes of Worst Case Scenario, on Discovery Channel, in Spring 2010.

Bear Grylls will be placed in life-threatening situations, including a high-rise apartment fire, and a sinking car, to show viewers how to escape. Grylls will also fend off a shark attack — less likely, but probably very exciting to watch!

History of Worst Case Scenario

This television series is based on The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, published in 1999. Among other things, Piven and Borgenicht explain how to fight bears, alligators, and sharks. The original book evolved into a series of 30 books. The Worst-Case Secenario books have sold over ten million copies.

Mike Rowe, who hosts Dirtiest Jobs, and narrates American Chopper, American Hot Rod, Deadliest Catch, Ghost Lab and Wild Pacific for Discovery Channel, hosted a similar show on TBS in 2002.

However, on earlier series, stunt men performed the escapes, not the host. Rowe explained in a CNN interview:

“we hire the best stunt people in the world to show you out to get out of quicksand, how to jump off of a building and live, how to get out from a car that is sinking in a lake, how to deliver a baby in a taxicab, how to fend off a shark.”

Bear Grylls replaced Mike Rowe, as well as the “stunt people” in 2010 version.

What Is Next for Bear Grylls?

Bear Grylls described this project in a 2008 interview, saying:

“We’re hoping to do an urban survival Man vs. Wild at the end of this year”

Done! Now we can wait for Man vs. Wild: The Movie. Bear Grylls said:

“I hope to do a film next year for Disney that’s gonna incorporate loads of different stuff. The idea is to kind of base it around Man vs. Wild, so we would be filming in a jungle and then everything starts going wrong. You see a plane crash, and there’s a family on-board, and then a whole cat-and-mouse game in the jungle and me getting the family out of there, and then it ends up in London with fight scenes off the rooftops. Again, it would be fun for me.”

How Do You Fight A Shark?

Watch Worst Case Scenario’s 10th Anniversary for answer. At 1:43 of this 3:44 video, coauthor David Borgenicht, asks this multiple choice question to people on street:

What would you do if a shark attacked you? Hold mouse over correct answer to find out now
  1. punch in nose
  2. repeated jabs in gills
  3. punch in eyes
  4. grab fin