Carolina Dominates Giants in Final Game at Giants Stadium

New York Football Giants Carolina Panthers defeated New York Giants 41-9, in the final game at Giants Stadium.

The game seemed promising, just like this season, which began with five consecutive victories. Giants record is now 8-7.

Giants won the opening coin toss, and drove 56 yards to Carolina 26, where Eli Manning connected with Steve Smith in the end zone. Unfortunately, the touchdown was nullified by a holding penalty against fullback Madison Hedgecock. Worse, a 16 yard Manning pass was fumbled by Mario Manningham three plays later.

Panthers recovered the ball and took over the game. Carolina led 24-0 at halftime, while Brandon Jacobs had gained one yard on six carries for Giants.

This game, and Thanksgiving against Denver, were the two worst games of the season. It is unbelievable that Giants could descend from a ticker tape parade to their present level in only two seasons.

What’s Next?

Giants will reach playoffs if they beat Minnesota Vikings next week, and Cowboys lose to Redskins and Eagles.

There are better odds that Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan will be replaced next season.