Bill Sheridan Replaces Steve Spagnuolo

New York Football Giants Bill Sheridan, the Linebackers coach, replaced Steve Spagnuolo as the Defensive Coordinator of the New York Giants today.

Sheridan, 50, started coaching in 1981, and has been with the Giants for four seasons. Sheridan said:

“I’m thrilled. I’m humbled but very, very excited and anxious to get going. I’ve prepared my entire career for this opportunity. I owe this to Tom Coughlin and Steve Spagnuolo and the rest of the defensive staff — Peter Giunta, Mike Waufle, Dave Merritt and Andre Curtis. This is nothing more than a reflection of the success we’ve had here.”

Coach Coughlin, as usual, explained his decision well:

“We won 26 games here in the last two years. Despite the fact that we’re all miserable, there is an inclination when that happens that you would stay within.

Steve Spagnuolo radically improved Giants defense, during his two seasons with the team. Giants defense was ranked 25th in NFL before he arrived. However, Giants defense was ranked seventh in NFL last year, and fifth in NFL this year.

Let us not forget that Giants were 11–1 this season, before Plaxico Burress and Antonio Pierce lost their brains.

For a preview, watch this video of Bill Sheridan, describing last year’s defense.

So Long Spags

Steve Spagnuolo will be named Head Coach of St. Louis Rams.

The Giants will miss Spags.