Targeting Typos

Wikipedia Userbox After years of contemplation, I have finally found a cause to support, that I truly believe in.

I have joined the Wikipedia Typo Team, on a mission to correct typos!

Two Types of Typos

I divide typos into two groups:

  1. idiotic: obvious errors
  2. careless: spellchecked, but not read

I got annoyed today, about typos on, because I could not correct them. I also consider those errors worse, because is paid plenty to maintain while Wikipedians like myself, are volunteers.

Incompetence is Contagious

First, I found was a glaring, idiotic, typo, on headline. So I decided to report it, using their clunky, 20th Century <mailto> link, which provided these geniuses with my email address.

Unfortunately, I found another typo, seconds after I pressed “Send” — an invalid link for Bill Sheridan’s bio. I found the correct link on his Wikipedia bio, which irked me enough to write about it.

Yes, a busted link is also a typo.

Giant Feedback Update

UPDATE: Two days later I received:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect.

[ (10): Connection timed out]

How To Find My Corrections

I am Mitch3000 on Wikipedia, and no, I cannot recall why I chose that name.

I joined Wikipedia on November 12, 2006 and started Michael Johnathon a few months later. I became interested in Wikipedia again recently, and am trying to learn its weird markup language.

My Crash Course In Copyrights

The only thing I have not enjoyed on Wikipedia, was uploading an image. I thought Dad’s favorite World War II photo, nearly ruined from 65 years of handling, was perfect. This is how I described it:

Staff Sgt. Jack Miller, tail gunner on B-17, next to his plane, in Framingham, England. Note light colored patch, covering area at rear of aircraft, which was destroyed, miraculously missing Sgt. Miller.

Check out: the photo if it is still there. If not, you can see it here, until the image is seventy years old, in five years, when I can upload it again.

Typos are much easier to understand!