Where Did My Brain Go?

Catching Up With New York Giants

New York Giants signed former Wildcat Quarterback André Woodson, who lives in my hometown — Lexington, Kentucky. Woodson was drafted in the sixth round, the 198th pick in the draft.

If that sounds high, consider that Tom Brady was drafted 199th in 2000.

I have watched Woodson in college, and Giants are lucky to get him.

Woodson set two impressive records at University of Kentucky:

  1. Most passes without an interception: 325 (NCAA)
  2. Most touchdowns in a season: 40 (SEC)

From Wildcats To Giants

André Woodson joins former Wildcat Jared “Hefty Lefty” Lorenzen on New York Giants bench, (hopefully) waiting for Eli Manning to retire.

Strahan Will Retire

Amani Toomer said there is no question that Michael Strahan will return. And Co–owner John Mara said Giants might be willing to renegotiate his contract, which they refused to do last year.

But, I do not think Michael Strahan wants to attend another training camp. I think he was better at the end of last season, because he missed training camp.

However, anything is possible, because he is in love with Eddie Murphy’s ex–wife, Nicole Murphy, and men in love, are liable to do anything.

From Giants To Raiders

I was right that Giants would lose Gibril Wilson, and wrong that they would acquire De Angelo Hall. Both were signed by Oakland Raiders.

I am relieved that they did not sign De Angelo Hall, and avoided any Michael Vickish problems.

From Giants To Saints?

New Orleans Saints, who are coached by former Giants Quarterback Coach, Sean Payton, were interested in Jeremy Shockey, but thankfully he is still a New York Giant. I think it would be a giant mistake to trade Shockey and I am looking forward to seeing him healthy this season.