Florida Senate Keeps Red Light Cameras

Senator Jeff Brandes Senator Jeff Brandes (R – Pinellas) encountered stiff opposition yesterday, on his mission to repeal the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, which brought red light cameras to Florida.

The transportation committee voted 6-3 to postpone a vote on SB 144.

Senator Brandes's original bill has been amended six times.

In the current version of this legislation, Florida will not ban red light cameras.

Florida will make red light cameras harder to install, by requiring municipalities to demonstrate a need for the cameras. Jeff Brandes also wants Florida's red light cameras to be installed with yellow light durations that follow the guidelines of the Florida Department of Transportation.

The Florida League of Cities, Florida Police Chiefs Association and Florida Sheriffs Association oppose the removal of red light cameras.

Why would anyone want to install red light cameras, and increase rear-end collisions? Senator Brandes said:

What you're seeing is municipalities that have become addicted to the funds. In many of these cities it’s not about safety, it's become a backdoor tax increase.

The transportation committee will meet on April 4 to continue their discussions about the future of red light cameras in Florida.