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How to Block WordPress Search

Please read Improve and Secure Your WordPress Site with Stop WP Search Plugin to learn about the latest version of this plugin.

WordPress search causes problems on many sites. I edit and update many WordPress sites. I usually disable WordPress search on small sites, because it is rarely helpful.

WordPress Search Returns Strange Results

WordPress search is not always helpful. For example, search for “png” on a WordPress site.

It’s easy. Just add ?s=png to the home address of a WordPress site.

Useless WordPress Search Results

WordPress will display a list of posts and pages with png images. These results are useless.

However, it is easy to hide search results, by redirecting search requests.

Small WordPress Sites Do Not Need Search

I created several simple WordPress Websites recently: homepage, About, Contact, Privacy, Not Found, sitemap.

Nevertheless, WordPress included its default search feature on these sites.

So WordPress creates a site that needs another page – to display unwanted and unhelpful search results.

Speed + Simplicity

I also convert some simple WordPress sites to “plain” HTML and Javascript for efficiency.

But some clients prefer WordPress sites, so they can edit their content easily.

Block WordPress Searches

I created “Block WordPress Search” for these clients and their minimal WordPress sites.

Because anybody can add ?s=jpg to a homepage link, and search for images, on almost any WordPress Website.

But nobody will be able to search your small WordPress site, after you install my Block WordPress Search plugin. :)

Download Block WP Search

My public plugins are only available on Github. Follow development of Block WP Search on Github. I stopped using the WordPress plugin repository in 2019.

Or just download version 1.02 release. Please use Github issues to report problems, or request additional features.

The only feature I would like to add, is a setting for the redirect. Its default setting is /not_found/.

I hope my plugin improves your WordPress Websites and your life!