Where Did My Brain Go?

Idiotic Rapper

Rico Wright, 28, a rapper, from Dublin, Georgia, was sentenced to 40 years, for shooting 25–year–old Chad Blue, 25, in the groin, and then bragging about it in a song.

What an idiot!

In August 2006, after Blue encountered Wright and two other men on Grey Street, he said:

“I heard one of the men tell Rico, ‘go ahead and shoot him.’ When he raised his gun I knew I had to run, but I knew if I ran a straight line, I was dead. So I started weaving, running between houses, trying to avoid the bullets.”

Blue was shot in the thigh, and the bullet shattered his groin. He is now permanently disabled.

Truly Idiotic

Rico Wright was so pleased, that he published a song about it. Awhile after the shooting, Blue said:

“I heard the song and I recognized Rico’s voice. The song was called ‘Hitting Licks for a Living’ and there’s a line that says ‘Chad Blue knows how I shoot’”

I am not the best authority, because I do not even know the difference between “Rap” and “Hip Hop”, but I listened to the song, several times, and I could not hear that line.

Rico Todriquez Wright was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault, and sentenced to 20 years in prison, and 20 years of probation after he is released. This sentence will run concurrently with a previous 8 year sentence Wright was serving for selling cocaine.

Some lyrics that I did hear, were: “double this by like Wednesday” and “they know about the cocaine and marijuana” which might refer to his previous conviction.

If you can handle some slightly offensive lyrics, listen to Hitting Licks for a Living, and decide for yourself.

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