Jayne’s Birthday 2008

Jayne Jayne would have been 55 today. <sigh>

I asked our daughters, Maxine and Audrey, to write something this year, but since it is almost midnight, and I don’t see anything, I guess it is up to me to say something.

How Many People Get Colon Cancer and Rectal Cancer?

American Cancer Society expects 108,070 new cases of colon cancer and 40,740 new cases of rectal cancer in the United States. Combined, they will cause about 49,960 deaths.

They also say that death rate is dropping, as more people get screened. Unfortunately, considering that Jayne was a physician, who always had an annual physical, screening does not always work.

What Can Be Done?

Donate whatever you can afford to American Cancer Society. Donate more to Gilda’s Club, because cancer affects families, not individuals.

Vote for honest politicians (if any exist) who believe that curing cancer is more important than Iraqi Freedom Fund, or anything that happens overseas.

If you are feeling lucky, pray that you do not spend the last year of your life in a hospice, like Jayne.

On A Lighter Note

You can always read what I wrote last year about how I met Jayne, when she was young, and healthy.