Nearly Miraculous New York Giants

New York Giants I maintain my annual schedule and TV info, but I have not written about the New York Giants for a long time. I have not complained about Kevin Gilbride since 2010.

I was too sad to complain that the formerly formidable Giants started the season with six consecutive losses and that Eli Manning is leading the NFL in interceptions.

Good News for the New York Giants

The Giants will be tied for first place, if the Giants and Redskins each win their next two games. The Redskins play the Eagles today, and the Eagles have a bye next week. Dallas has a bye this week. Dallas plays the Giants next week.

All the teams would have five wins and six losses.

It Almost Worked

Alas, the Eagles won. The Eagles and Redskins meet again, in week 17.

The Giants will have the second best record in the division, if they win today.

Go Giants!