NY Giants: End of an Era

New York Giants What happened to the New York Giants?

Giants lead the undefeated Patriots last month, with under two minutes remaining. But they allowed Patriots to score the winning field goal with one second remaining.

Quarterback Eli Manning passed for six touchdowns against Saints. Giants tied the game at 42, after a 14 point deficit. Sadly, Giants could not get a first down to end the game. Giants punted with 20 seconds remaining. An inept defense forced punter Brad Wing, the last man between the kick returner and the end zone, to tackle the punt returner. Wing committed a face mask penalty on the tackle, to help the Saints won a field goal.

New York Giants scored 28 consecutive points against the undefeated Carolina Panthers last week. Giants tied the game on a 4th down touchdown pass with under two minutes remaining. Giants lost on the final play of the game.

Not the Super Bowl Defense

I was thrilled when Giants rehired Steve Spagnuolo as Defensive Coordinator. Spagnuolo has struggled without key players.

Jon Beason is on IR. Franchise player Jason Pierre-Paul behaved like Plaxico Burress. JPP mangled his dominant hand with fireworks, and missed the first eight games. Starting left tackle Will Beatty injured himself lifting weights, and missed the season.

Spagnuolo has not inspired players, or developed a winning system. Giants have lost six games in the final two minutes.

Giants are ranked last in defense. They have the third most defensive penalties.

Spagnuolo is not on the field. However, he should be replaced.

Offensive Woes

Eli Manning received a 4 year contract extension with a no trade clause.

Eli is having another great season. Unfortunately, Giants rank 28th in time of possession. We will never know how he would perform a better team.

Odell Beckham, Jr. has replaced Victor Cruz as the team’s most talented receiver. Unfortunately, Beckham helped Giants lose a close game with Panthers. He was charged with three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and suspended for one game. Beckham caught the game tying touchdown pass, but he should have been ejected earlier in the game. NFL suspended Beckham because:

you took a ten-yard running start and delivered a blindside block to your opponent’s head and jaw area.

The Next Coaches of the Giants

I expect Tom Coughlin to retire, Spagnuolo to be fired.

Giants need new coaches, to teach them how to finish games.