Where Did My Brain Go?

Recognizing Idiocy and Stupidity

I dislike negativity. However, I can reduce the negative influences in my life. I rarely read newspapers or watch news on television.

I have one particular annoyance:   IDIOCY

The world is full of idiots. Their numbers are increasing daily.

I am recognizing idiots and idiotic behavior, with a new category topic at Where Did My Brain Go? named “Idiocy.”

Idiots and Morons

A traumatic brain injury increased my awareness of petty prejudices toward disabled people. I was hesitant to use “Idiots.” My dictionary defines idiot as:

“a person affected with idiocy; especially a mentally retarded person having a mental age not exceeding three years, and requiring complete custodial care”

An ancient Britannica–Webster dictionary defines moron as:

“a feebleminded person having a mental age between eight and twelve years and capable of doing routine work under supervision”

I prefer the second definition. Like Bugs Bunny calling Elmer Fudd a “maroon”.

There are more Google searches for idiots than my other choices: “idiocy”, “morons”, “moronic”, “stupidity.

Update: November 2014

I have been reorganizing this blog. One goal is to limit articles to a single category. Most articles about idiots were are also in the news category.

“Idiots” is now a topic instead of a category.

Future articles about idiots will be filed in a different category, using the idiots topic. Incidentally, most bloggers refer to “topics” as tags. Was that clear?