Where Did My Brain Go?

Sarah Palin Would Rather Quit Than Fight

Sarah Palin resigned on Sunday, with a speech that made as much sense as her reasons for resigning.

In my opinion, she quit because her approval rating dropped from 93% in June 2007, to 56% in July 2009. Palin has also incurred $500,000 in legal fees defending herself from about 20 lawsuits, claiming ethics violations.

Indeed, Palin’s first statement complained that:

“Political operatives descended on Alaska last August, digging for dirt. The ethics law I championed became their weapon of choice.”

Mike Huckabee commented on her critics, and lawsuits, saying:

“Well, if that had been the case for me, I’d have quit about my first month, because I was a Republican governor in a state where 89 percent of my legislature were Democrats”

The Lamest Excuse

Although she had 17 months left to serve, Palin claimed that she did not want to be a “lame duck” saying:

“And so as I thought about this announcement that I wouldn’t run for re-election and what it means for Alaska, I thought about how much fun some governors have as lame ducks… travel around the state, to the Lower 48 (maybe), overseas on international trade – as so many politicians do. And then I thought – that’s what’s wrong – many just accept that lame duck status, hit the road, draw the paycheck, and “milk it.” I’m not putting Alaska through that – I promised efficiencies and effectiveness! That’s not how I am wired. I am not wired to operate under the same old “politics as usual.” I promised that four years ago – and I meant it.”

If that was true, Presidents would not bother running for a second term.

Palin’s Farewell Speech

Sarah Palin’s farewell address was bizarre. How can anyone believe:

“when I took the oath to serve you, I promised…remember I promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state like that grizzly guards her cubs, as a mother naturally guards her own.”

She seems to have forgotten that she took an oath to serve a full term!

Jim David of Huffington Post commented:

“Her farewell speech should be required viewing in political science classes until the end of time, so that students can see the ultimate example of style over substance and form over content. Viewing this speech should be accompanied by Dan Quayle’s “Murphy Brown” speech and Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” speech.

Mr. David succinctly summed up Palin, saying:

“the truth is, she is quitting because she has one of the thinnest skins and smallest minds ever to hold office”

Shatner Says It Best

78 year old William Shatner, who enjoys reciting poetry, did a great job turning Palin’s speech into poetry on The Tonight Show.