Where Did My Brain Go?

Selling Seats In The Senate

Governor Blagojevich will not be fighting much longer.

Raghuveer P. Nayak, who is “Individual D” in the Federal Complaint against Blagojevich, has asked for immunity, in exchange for testimony about Blagojevich.

Nayak, 54, is an Indian emigrant, who owns successful medical supply companies, clinics, and drug stores — and enjoys raising money for politicians. Nayak is smart, because he also contributed funds to three politicians, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Lieutenant Governor Patrick Quinn and Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who want Blagojevich to resign.

Nayak has connections to Jackson’s family. He traveled to India, with Jesse Jackson, Sr., and owned a business with Jonathan Jackson, who is Representative Jackson’s brother.

How’s the Weather?

On October 31st, Nayak hosted a luncheon, where he discussed raising a million dollars, to persuade Governor Blagojevich, to put Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the Senate.

Jackson has acknowledged speaking to Nayak. However, Jackson maintains that he did not know that Nayak wanted to raise a million dollars, to bribe Blagojevich, to put him in the Senate.

What else was there to talk about?